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Tired that's all Chrysalis felt pure exhaustion regardless she woke up the room she was in was pitch black and the ground under her felt surprisingly metallic, she tried to remember but all she could remember was that restrictive Chinese dress the Emperor made her wear.

She now appeared to be completely nude and placed in a sleeping bag, she tried to get up but then the room lit up

Greetings subject said the computers and welcome to the power armor program! Said the computer cheerfully

Power Armor? Asked Chrysalis

Yes advanced suits of armor designed to make the wearer stronger and faster and you have been hand picked by the princesses to test it and good news if the results are good and you don't resist you will become a handmaiden of one of the Princesses

A handmaiden !?!?! I am the Queen of changelings you.... !!! Chrysalis started

Fitting Zero suit said the computer

Chrysalis was snatched up by two robotic arms and was meticulously measured the a third arm appeared holding a blue latex outfit and the arms slowly slipped Chrysalis' arms and legs into the skin tight suit then her buttocks

Now for this next part I suggest you hold your breath said the computer

Chrysalis though angry about her position decided to comply rather than make herself more uncomfortable, the rest of her torso was tightly wrapped in the latex suit squeezing her breasts and butt to the limit

Adjusting suit said the computer locking on

The suit started to very slightly loosen up

Oh man my butt feels so flat said Chrysalis

Your armor will be here shortly in the mean time I suggest you jog in place and stretch to get a feel for your new uniform

Huh fine but only because I want to be comfortable

And chrysalis began to stretch the squeakiness of the suit was almost to much for her to bear almost the suit did however brake in for her

Special delivery said Luna wearing a purple Zero suit and carrying two suits of metroid armor

What are you doing here said Chrysalis angrily

You think we where just going to give you a suit of armor unsupervised said Luna amused besides my suits locked on too and I have to show you how to use the armor

Hugh fine said Chrysalis frustrated but I'm not a servant I will not be some silly handmaiden!!!

Oh don't worry about that you'll probably be very happy here anyways siad Luna now let's get started

Luna and Chrysalis trained hours testing the armors functions running jumping shooting by the end the monarchs were worn out and exited the suits

That was a long day said Luna

I know said Chrysalis and I need to pee

Me too said Luna I'll unlock your suit said Luna

Luna tries to unlock Chrysalis' suit

Access denied said the suit

What? said Chrysalis

Hold on let me... Oh uhm it appears sister has put a training feature on the suits

What do you mean? Said Chrysalis

Well uhm the suits are well rigged

Meaning? Asked Chrysalis

Meaning sister has locked them on until we beg for it

What!!!! Yelled Chrysalis

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*in Ericaster a's lab*

Erica was working hard on her terminal in anticipation of Dream's arrival she was trying to finish up developments on an AI called "The Master" who would control their soldiers when they took over the world

And..... yes I'm done said Erica

Mistress said SS-1 smiling Dream is here

Finally said Erica

*at the entrance*

Hey dream ready to rule the world said Erica greeting her friend

Great to see you again said Dream what's it been five years

long time hasn't it said Erica

Is the Master ready

Oh... yes yes follow me

*the walk through the facility*

So you see I've made sure to remove all forms of individuality same haircut no jewelry latex uniforms and now gas masks all drones are identified by bar codes and personalities are preprogrammed into chips in there heads explained Erica

Cool said Dream

And here we are command central said Erica

Wow said Dream

Here's the Master itself

Nice work Erica but we will need to test it said Dream

Well yeah but I was waiting for you said Erica

You know I have the perfect ponies to test it on said Dream

I'll go get them said Dream going to fetch her own slaves

*10 minutes later*

I'm back said Dream wearing her red latex suit

Oh good said Erica where's your slaves asked Erica

Come on out pets said Dream

* Luna and Fluttershy walk out clad in black latex suits with heeled boots*

Wow you got luna and Fluttershy! said Erica excited

Now to try the program said Dream

*the mistresses outfit luna and Fluttershy with shoulder straps with collars attached with sets of ear buds wired to the collars, then the gear activates the slaves twitch a bit then their eyes become solid white and the slaves stand at attention*

MASTER PROGRAM ONLINE ... said the slaves in unison

Yes said the mistresses


what said the mistresses

*the drones grab Erica and Dream and begin assimilation*



DRONES said the Master in rather feminine voice REPORT



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Wake up said a hissing metallic voice

Lorkhan awoke only to see the one thing he dreaded more than his mother

Daddy's home said Sithis in a sing song

Anuiel finally let me take the reins and now we can have that father son time you wanted he said

Your a monster said Lorkhan terrified

Oh you're so funny said Sithis

*Sithis dragged his son to the large living room where Lorkhan's brothers and sisters were restrained Discord was nailed to a chair Celestia had a muzzle and straight jacked luna was mummified Dark Mist got a collar nailed into his neck and was chained to the wall Chrysalis got an arm binder and Sombra was sown in a sweater through the skin and the others were all in equally painful position*

Now come on let's watch a little IT said Sithis

What is it asked Lorkhan

IT said Sithis u know Stephen King

Sithis sat in his recliner (made from skin) and placed Lorkhan under his wing

*later in the movie*

Girl screams

Dad I don't like this mov.... Mph Lorkhan started

Aw looks like someone needs a mouth sewing said Sithis

NO! Said Lorkhan terrified

Hush now this will only take a second said Sithis creepily

*Sithis grabs his sewing kit*

Now do you want red or green hmm red or green said Sithis

Will you stop you're scaring him said Anuiel

Sister I'm in charge now said Sithis stubbornly

But you're maiming our children said Anuiel

Why can't you just our toys with me I want to play with them said Sithis

But I made them said Anuiel so their mine

You stole all my devil toys and then you ruined them cried Sithis they were my favorites!

Ugh I told you that was an accident Mom said I could play with them and I left them out in the rain over night said Anuiel

I told you not to touch them yelled Sithis

I asked mom she said that since we share the same body we should be able to share toys and they wanted to play outside and forgot to take them back in if why don't I just get you some new ones

I don't want new ones I want my old ones and I'll never get them back! Cried Sithis
The Beginning Chapter 3 prt 1
If I get the movie wrong I apologize I haven't seen "it" and if you thought his mom was bad meet the Dad

This might be my last fic

Long story short the deities here are seen as toys by the Godheads with Sithis being devil themed and Anuiel being Angel themed the "toys" are similar to gen 3 synths in fallout 4 only they can reproduce

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*4E 864 18th of Last Seed..... Yokuda*

Ugh... stop that said Zera (a 15 year old Redguard (Zebra))

Make me said Zero (her ten year old brother)

Ugh I'm not kidding Zero said Zera

*And the two chased each other around the plains near their home little did they know their care free life was about to change forever*

*In Northern Yokuda*

" violent cannon fire"

Advance yelled a Redguard Legionary

My lord the city is ready to fall said another Legionary (a Nord pony this time)

Good said Dark Ember the land may fall to us yet

*Back in Zera's Village*

Stop fighting said their mom why you both be like your sisters Zeta and Zecca ( Zeta was a rain dancer and Zecca was a "chef")

Fine said the children

Now I have to meet with the village elders later and I want you two to get along understand Zero

Yes mom said Zero

If only the council was so " mature"

*At the Elder's Council meeting the Chief sat at the head of the table with gold jewelry green robes and feathered tribal mask*

Welcome Shaman said the Chief

Thank you Chieftain said the Shaman

Now down to business the group hailing from Tamriel known as the Second Ebonheart Pact of Tamriel has made its motives clear

Continental conquest said a council elder

Yes said the chieftain and they have already made a slaughter of the elves

I say we fight back said a councilor

I say we negotiate said another

I say we side with the Legion said a third

Enough said the chief we'll never reach a solution if we can't agree on anything

(The tribals continue to bicker for hours)

*Back at the Shaman's house*

By Sehk Zero you're gonna get it said Zera chasing him

Knock it off you two said Zeta I'm trying to practice my rain dance Said Zeta

You're such a buzz kill Zeta said Zera

Oh please you're such a...


What was that yelled Zecca

I can't believe you decided attack two tribes in a single day said Earthquake

It's called imperialism brother said Dark Ember and I do believe it's high time we got to meet the leaders of this fair town

I'm going to find mom! said Zera

Zera wait!! Said Zeta

But Zera was too fast

*In the Village*

Why... said a tribal with his dying breath

Are we ready to surrender "chief"? asked Dark Ember

You are a creul man Sehk said the chief

We will never worship you said the Shaman

You'll shut up if you know what's good for you said Dark Ember sternly

Why would we be loyal to someone who destroys our homes and murders our friends and family! said the chief

I admire your bravery Chief said Dark Ember but it cannot save you

*Dark stabs the Chief in the chest with Nettlebane*

Now "Ms" Shaman the decision lies with you and I do suggest you rethink the chief's decision said Dark Ember drawing a gun in his left hand

I will never...

Mom! Said Zera

Zera get out of... Guh

(Dark stabs the Shaman)

Quae nanc est mea said Dark and removed his dagger

Mom!?! Yelled Zera as she ran to her wounded mother

Ah-ah Zera I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you said her mother  

Don't don't say that cried Zera

Take this said her mother handing Zera her Shaman amulet

Your amulet? cried Zera

Y-yes y-you'll.... need i-it t-to be... Strong said her mother with her last breath

*Zera felt many things at that moment Sadness Fear Grief but more than anything else anger*

Ugh you monster! I'll kill you said Zera grabbing a scimitar

Ah Son of a... Said Dark Ember

*Zera attacks Dark narrowly evades her and draws Nettlebane she slashes again striking his hip, Dark Ember retaliates by slashing her chest but she dodges Dark slashes again but misses and Zera punches him in the nose and it pours out blood causing him to back up, Zera charges at him*

Ugh enough... Fus Ro Dah Dark's thuum pumbled the young Zebra

Dark walks up to Zera

Put her in a straight jacket I don't want her damaged in transition said Dark oh I like you

*later in a Legion facility*

Wakie wakie says Earthquake

What said Zera where am I what's going on as she struggled with the jacket

Take her to processing said Earthquake coldly

*No wait what is ah said Zera as she was taken to a lab*

Is it ready asked Earthquake

Just a second... there the orienter (mind wiper from fallout 4) is ready my lord said a scientist

Good said Earthquake put her in

Wait don't! Said Zera

Release the numbing agent said Earthquake

*the scientists undo her jacket and bind her wrists and angles and she is pulled back onto the device and it's neatles stick into Zera's back and a device holds her head in place as another one pries her eyes open and several flashes go off in her face and neatles begin pricking her eyes and other body parts*

P-please s-stop... She says before passing out

Ah!!! Screams as she wakes up she realizes she not in the lab anymore in fact she's in a very comfortable bed in a nice room with several books and  in what looks like a mansion she notices a holotape marked play me she saw what looked like the slot for it and put it in the TV turned on*

What the? She said
"The video plays"

Hello Slave said Dark Ember


I apologize for our means of getting you here, you have been enslaved like the rest of your tribe and have a collar to symbolize it but you have also been granted a rare opportunity to join my frumentarii my assassins your body has been augmented to meet the requirements you are now much taller have larger muscles (dark eyes her chest) smarter you ever here of a holotape before today and I threw in some extras bar code on your neck dragon on your Arm and I fixed your eyes and something special where the sun don't shine explained Dark Ember

Zera looks between her legs noticing her large "member"

I'll show you how to change it back in forth later anyway your gear should you except your new role in the cabinet and for what it's worth I genuinely am sorry for the death of your mum it was uncouth of me I don't enjoy doing that sort of thing but that aside I genuinely believe you would enjoy becoming frumentarii Xerene.

*And at that moment Zera realized that killing Sehk wouldn't bring her mother or tribe back and not to mention how dangerous it would be... No she only had one option she got up opened the cabinet and took out her frumentarii uniform steel plate gauntlets her pip-colt combat boots circlet Dagger and finally her gun*

And with that Zera became Xerene...

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Xerene's origins

Political Dissent

Dark Occult


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